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Srriga Boutique Crystals

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*4 Ways to buy Your Crystals *

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Welcome to Srriga Boutique, the Healing Space. Healing runs in my family so naturally I fell in love with crystals since I was a little girl. I also have an Aromatherapy Certification and do Essential Oil blends for all different situations a long with the standard essential oils. 

We offer a large collection of Crystals, a variety of beautiful and unique crystal pieces and sets. Srriga Boutique also offers Essential Oils blends, hand made items and many more.

SRRIGA Boutique is a Canadian based company, which the name was family inspired by combining mine, husband children first initials, everyone added a little caring touch to it.

We hope you enjoy our collections as much as we do. Srriga Boutique has won Platinum Reader Choice Award two years in row now.

Visit often as we add new item all time.

**Disclaimer:Crystal, rituals and Spiritual healing info is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis. Please do not forego medical treatment if needed. For medical info please seek the advice of a licensed healthcare professional. All products must be used at the customer own discretion***

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