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School/Studding Crystal Set

School/Studding Crystal Set


School/Studding Crystal Set are ready!!!
Set includes 6 crystals and information card.
Rhodonite - Balances mental & physical energy, putting you in a focused state of mind.
Amethyst - reduces anxiety and aids memory retention. Also provides protection from negativity.
Fluorite - Fluorite, also known as the “genius” stone. Improves concentration and absorption of new ideas and provides calmness. When studying or testing, Fluorite is best used as a rubbing stone to enhance focus. Hold the stone in the palm and rub the smoothest part of the rock back and forth until one feels focused and calm.
Tiger Eye – Represents strength, confidence, and courage, helps you to remain grounded. So, when you go to class, and you like you do well in an exam, or you don’t feel confidence about the class. Carry some tiger eye and Hold the stone and rub it back and forward. 
Mookaite - is often used for cultivating mindfulness, and focusing on the “here and now.” it is an incredible tool to amplify your memory and help you remain calm during a hectic semester. If you feel that you are losing motivation during the semester, try bringing some Mookaite in your backpack and possibly holding it during class to keep you focused and motivate yourself to keep going.
Black Obsidian- Black Obsidian is an extremely protective stone, helping to ward off bad energies and keep yourself cleansed. Going back to school, whether elementary, high school, or college, you are going to be around a lot of people. Sometimes their energies fade off onto you, especially if you are empathetic!


Crystal and Spiritual healing info is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. Please do not forego medical treatment if needed. For medical info please seek the advice of a licensed healthcare professional***

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