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Bathroom Crystal Sets

Bathroom Crystal Sets


Yes, the Bathroom!!!

Bathroom Crystal sets available at The Nooks in the Niagara-on-the-Lake Outlets and at

Bathroom: Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz

Why the Bathroom?

The bathroom is a place of cleansing, and as the primary cleansing stone, Clear Quartz is a perfect asset to this space.

Have it by the shower or bath to enhance the energy of cleansing. Clear Quartz is an amplifier and works to magnify the energy of your spirit.

A must-have crystal for the bathroom is Rose Quartz. This loving stone has the gentle energy you want to relax into when you’re washing away the stress of the day. Even the act of washing your face or rinsing off in the shower can feel like a practice in wellness when you connect with the loving, self-worth of Rose Quartz energy.

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