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Love crystal set.

Love crystal set.


Love Crystal Set

Labradorite – Helps you Express your self and feel more confident

Rhodonite – Brings forgiveness of the heart, compassion, helps with emotional healing

Emerald – Good for marriage, love, brings hope

Rose Quartz – The love crystal. Helps restore harmony and trust in relationships, helps with self love, promotes unconditional love

Moss Agate – Inspires trust & hope, helps with healing your heart

Moonstone – Helps increasing trust in each other, helps removing conflicts in relationships

Aventurine – heals your heart chakra. Helps with bringing luck and love into your life


PLEASE NOTE: Your set will be made for you from Gemstones and Crystals we have available at the time of order, so there will be variations in colour, shape, and texture to those shown in the Picture. Value will be the same or greater

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