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The Ultimate Pain Relief Crystal Set

The Ultimate Pain Relief Crystal Set


Set includes 11 Tumbled crystals

The Ultimate Pain Relief Crystal Set

Clear Quartz for sending bad energy away

Rose Quartz for turning nervous energy into love

Citrine for lifting low mood headaches

Amethyst for soothing tension and stress

Selenite for washing away fatigue

Carnelian for carrying oxygen around the body

Aventurine for reducing inflammation and healing cluster headaches

Lapis Lazuli for setting imbalances straight

Hematite for a centuries-old headache cure

Moonstone for soothing PMS and hormonal headaches

Blue Lace Agate for tension headaches and easing EMF symptoms


*** While we adore all the healing properties of crystals we want to make sure you know this info is no substitute for medical advice. We invite you to check in with your healthcare professional and seek advice about any medical conditions including headaches or migraines that are causing trouble in your life.***

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